Integrative Anti-Aging: Intravenous Nutritional Therapy

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Module Introduction

Module 1


  • Part 1 The Main Principles of IV Anti-Aging Therapy. When and How IV Nutrition Therapy is Beneficial to Patients. How to Make and Administer IV Solutions. Learn to Identify Side Effects. Essential Laboratory Tests. Essential paper templates: 1. Patient Consent Form 2. Consent for Non-Conventional Treatment 3. Advance Notice To Patient That Service May Not Be Covered By Insurance 4. List of Lab Tests for IV Nutritional Therapy 5. Intravenous Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire 6. Detoxification Test 7. Sample of IV Therapy Intake Form 8. Patient Instructions Before IV Nutritional Treatment 9. References to IV Nutrition Therapy Part 1 Module.

Module 2


  • Part 2 Osmolarity and pH of IV Protocols. The Most Essential Compounds of the IV Bag. Case Study Review and Ready-to-use IV Nutritional Protocols Your Patients Will Love: 1. Standard Detoxification Cocktail Protocol 2. Intensive Detoxification Cocktail Protocol 3. Standard Immune Cocktail Protocol 4. Intensive Immune Cocktail Protocol 5. Standard Metabolic Cocktail Protocol (for weight loss program) 6. Intensive Metabolic Cocktail Protocol (for weight loss program) 7. Standard Energy Cocktail Protocol 8. Intensive Energy Cocktail Protocol 9. Standard General Prevention Cocktail Protocol 10. Intensive General Prevention Cocktail Protocol 11. Standard Antistress Cocktail Protocol 12. Intensive Antistress Cocktail Protocol 13. Osmolarity Chart 14. Case Study 15. References to IV Nutritional Therapy Part 2 Module.

Module 3


  • Part 3 Nutritional deficiency and skin problems. Main compounds of IV nutritional cocktails in Aesthetic Medicine, doses, indications and contraindications. Ready to use IV Aesthetic Protocols: 1. Standard Aging Skin Protocol 2. Intensive Aging Skin Protocol 3. Dry Skin Standard Protocol 4. Dry Skin Intensive Protocol 5. Standard Acne Protocol 6. Intensive Acne Protocol 7. Standard Wound Healing Protocol 8. Intensive Wound Healing Protocol 9. Standard Hyperpigmentation Protocol 10. Intensive Hyperpigmentation Protocol 11. Standard Alopecia Protocol 12. Intensive Alopecia Protocol 13. Standard Preventive Skin Aging Protocol 14. Intensive Preventive Skin Aging Protocol 15. References to IV Nutritional Therapy Part 3 Module.